what else ?

We do many things here at the house and out in the community.


Ed  does photo restoration for that special picture that met with some unfortunate circumstance. He repairs tears cracks and can , in most cases, bring the picture back to a pleasing state of enjoyment.

Whether its an old photo, a print, or maybe a piece of your art… it will likely need a frame and a mat to surround it.Ed has a huge selection of frames to re-purpose for your project and give it that extra unique, one of a kind, charm and attention.

House and Party is an event planning service for those  of you that are tired of all the intimidating hype that you have to spend lavish amounts of money to produce a simple dinner party or event. House and Party will help you cut through all the unnecessaries and focus on what makes an event special. Its all in the planning and Fiona is your guide.  HouseandParty.com